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Jenna:¬†Hello, happy people, and welcome to office ADHD. In honor of our late spring this year, I thought that it would be good to first let you at least hear some recorded birds and to talk about the best places to visit in springtime. May not be the best to visit this spring just because how spring has been so weird, but maybe they aren’t as affected in all of these places. All right, let’s get to it. Okay. So us. News has ranked the top 20 places in the world to go visit in springtime. So without further ado, let’s get through our San Diego, California. You made it right there. Number 21 of the big things they talk about is that there’s the mild weather going on then, so it’s not so hot as it’s going to be in the summer. And apparently there’s a big 55 acre flower field in Carlsbad. So check that out. Then there is Sedona, Arizona. So they have lots of really good rocks and things out there. It says 200 plus hiking trails. And it’s much nicer to hike in Arizona during the spring than in the summer. I still remember once upon a time my sister lived down in Yuma, Arizona, which if you’ve never driven to Yuma, Arizona, it will literally tell you how many miles it is to Mexico on the signs that say how many miles to each city, it’s that far south. And I never thought that I would feel like 100 degrees was cooling off. But seriously, I was hanging out there and I was like, hey, it’s a lot cooler. We should go out for a walk. And she looked at me and was like, Jenna, it’s 100 degrees outside still. And I was like, oh, no. So definitely Arizona better in the spring, I say, than summer. But some people really like it very hot. So there you go. Number 18 is Amsterdam. If you arrive in late April, you can celebrate King’s Day, which sounds fun. Going to have to look that up. And you got to go see all the colorful tulips. I mean, that’s what the area is famous for. So obviously springtime awesome time. Next one is New Orleans. I have to look up when Mardi Gras, but apparently it says, well, spring visit means you’ll likely miss Mardi Gras. There’s other opportunities to let the good times roll. Ha. Because apparently they have a really big St. Patrick’s day parade. But by the time you listen to this, you’re totally going to have missed that. But in May, they have a bayou boogaloo. Boogaloo is fun to say. We’re going to have to figure out what that is. Next one. Number 16 is Grand Canyon National Park. The main thing to keep in mind with Grand Canyon National Park is that not all of the trails will necessarily be open, depending on what time you go in the springtime. So double check that, especially if you want to see the North Rim Trail. Some of those trails, I guess there’s more than one. That’s what that extra s sound was for. One of the big things as we’re talking about the national parks is that April 22, which is a Saturday, is Free National Park Day. That’s how they kick off National Park Week, where they do a lot of cool events and different things at the national parks. So double check all the national parks in your area here in the US. And see where you may want to go. Obviously, Free Day might be a little more crowded, but still fun because they usually have enough stuff for all of the visitors. Definitely something to look into. Number 15, Puebla, Mexico. So this is going to be a big thing. I had never actually thought about looking up areas, rainy seasons before, but as we go through this list, there are different areas that are going to be at the beginning or end of their rainy seasons. So this is the final few months of Puebla’s dry season before a rainy summer. Apparently it’s rainy down there during the summer, and they have lots of cool stuff to see there lots of art museums and culinary delicacies like mole poblano. Number 14 is Naples. And I have to tell you how ignorant I am right now, which I didn’t actually have to tell you, but I’m going to anyway. Naples, I always thought was in Europe, people talk about going to Naples. I guess that’s just where I pictured it. But no. They’re talking about Naples, Florida. There must be a Naples or thinking Napoli. I don’t know. I’m going to have to keep looking that up. But there is a 170 acre Naples botanical garden. So sorry. San Diego. 55 acres is definitely a lot, but 170 acres, that will fit more people. I guess that’s just the way it is. This is where if you want to stay away from the spring breakers, though. So this is where you go if you’re like not going spring break, this is where to go if you want to stay away from some of those people. You want to be a little more of a laid back tourist and just hang out on the beaches over at the Gulf of Mexico. All right. Number 13 is Seoul, South Korea. I would say the names of these towns for you that they’re talking about, too, these areas, but I can’t seoul is the only one I can actually pronounce for you. The website, I’m linking it in the description. But there’s lots of fun culinary places to go. There’s a market that sounds fun. And who doesn’t want to go see the really cool ancient buildings? I know I would like to go see them one day, so maybe someday. Number twelve is Lake Tahoe, California. You’re back on the list. The nice thing about Lake Tahoe is that it’s really pretty at that time of year, and you’re getting there before all of the summer crowds. Lake Taco is a super fun, big place. People go visit during the summer, and if you go during the spring, then you get to go see the nice, quiet, pretty hikes. It says that the highs are going to be like your, so you’re definitely still going to want to bring a sweater with you. Number eleven is Yellowstone National Park. And this one tells you that you can still go snowshoeing in the spring. So some of you people that live in hotter climates and you’re like, oh, if only I could still see the snow because obviously this spring wasn’t late enough. Incoming. Let me go to Yellowstone Park in the spring where apparently I can still snowshoe late into the season. But the one thing you need to keep your eyes peeled for are bears coming out of hibernation. Number ten we’re getting to our top ten is Lisbon. So if you speak Portuguese especially, you don’t have to speak Portuguese though, because a lot of these places, obviously they’re touristy, so a lot of people speak English there and you can find fun tours. But Lisbon is a great place. It’s number ten on our list. Talks about colorful neighborhoods. It says you may deal with the occasional rain shower during the season, so they are still in their rainy season, but very nice place. And it’s going to be 60, 70. So excellent walking around, touring weather. And number nine is close by. It’s Madrid. So if you went to Lisbon, you could go to Madrid because they’re like neighbors. You could hit two of the top ten places to visit in spring on this list, madrid, Espanya. One day I would like to go to Spain and you can go there. One of the big things about visiting it during the spring is that even the Madrid natives tend to leave there during the summer because it gets really super hot. So if you go during springtime, you’re more likely to not get too hot there. Number eight is Montreal, canada is in Quebec. There are apparently hundreds of tulips in bloom there as well. So if you didn’t get enough at Amsterdam, head out to Montreal cobblestone streets. That sounds good. And I forgot to say, when we’re talking about Madrid, I forgot there’s such a cool big Catholic area that if you go there during Holy Week, that’s pretty cool. Semana Santa, though this is probably coming out after Holy Week, so sorry about that. Next year. Number Seven, London, England. I love what it says here, so I’m just going to read you the first part. It says London is always crowded, so you might as well visit when the trees and plants within the city’s many beautiful parks and gardens are blooming. That kind of wraps it up right there. You may as well go, well, it’s pretty. It says love it. Number six is Sydney, Australia, which is interesting because the other thing that I was thinking about with the spring list is that it’s interesting because in Australia it’s going to be fall during our spring up here in the north and vice versa. So I wonder if it’s also a cool place to visit in the fall. I need to look up the top 20 places to visit in the fall and see how many of them are the same as the places to visit during the spring and how many are different. That is going to be the interesting thing to see. However, definitely Sydney would be fun place to go. They have some amazing beaches. Sorry, my little dog was walking around there. They have some amazing beaches. I have a friend that lives down in Australia, a couple of friends actually that are in the Australia area from internet things. Yay, internet connecting the world. And she has shown me some absolutely amazingly beautiful pictures of the coasts and a lot of the pools there. Just watch out for the animals that are trying to kill you. Australia does hold many of the most deadly things. Number five is Maldives. It is an island nation in the Indian ocean. So why not go during the spring when it’s way not too hot and probably before the main tourists get there. Number four, Costa Rica is also a really great place to visit during the spring because it says that march and april are two of their driest and warmest months. Also probably a really good time to get onto one of those cruise deals that go down there. Number three is asheville, North Carolina, which I was actually really surprised that of all of the places around the world, number three was asheville, North Carolina. That’s pretty cool. It says it has something for every type of traveler, hiking, tour, sightseeing, sampling of breweries and crazy stuff and national forests and oh, blooming wildflowers. I do love me some wildflowers. Number two is st. Lucia, another island nation. It says that from march to may that temperatures still sit in the 80s. So I’m wondering how warm it gets later on. Definitely for me personally, 80s is about my max for happy temperatures and get ready for number one is Honolulu. Oahu says unlike some other destinations on this list, hawaii’s third largest island is best experienced during its peak travel season, which I didn’t realize the peak travel season was spring. I thought the peak travel season would have been summer. Who knew? But apparently the temperatures are really comfortable then. Rainy season is starting to taper off, so go Hawaii. And just to get a few more names out there, this is 16 beautiful places in the US. To visit in the spring, so it’s not ranked. So we’re just going to go right through the list here. Cannon Beach, Oregon, is first. It’s close to my heart. I used to live near there. Then we have the Florida keys, texas hill country palm Springs, California. Hilton Head, South Carolina. Phoenix, Arizona. Definitely better in the spring than summer for me. Santa Fe, New Mexico. Lake Tahoe, California. You’re on both lists. Way to be bryce canyon. Country, utah does say country, not county. Yes, bryce canyon, good stuff. Sanibel Ecaptiva Islands, Florida. Jackson Hole, Wyoming. That actually is pretty fun place. Got good stuff there. Asheville, North Carolina. You’re back on the list again. Wahua. Also on both lists, great Smoky mountains national park, tennessee and North Carolina. Wow. That national park goes across two states and who doesn’t like saying, I went to the great smoky mountains, thank you very much. Seems like there’s a song savannah, Georgia, on the list. Moab, Utah. So you got two national parks in Utah there to go visit or two least cool parks, and that is the end of that list. So have a wonderful, wonderful time planning out trips for your rest of your spring. Talk to you all later. Have a fabulous day. As always, thanks so much for listening. And if you want to know more about anything we talked about today or if you want to be part of the discussion, join us at officeadhd.com. Thanks so much for listening. See you next time. Bye.

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