Why to Have Jenna as a Guest on Your Show

Background Information


Jenna was diagnosed with ADD her Freshman year in college, after many years of wondering what was wrong with her. She was a twice exceptional student growing up, as she was also an advanced learner. Jenna now runs a podcast called “Office ADHD” and is working on creating products for adults with ADD/ADHD.

Cancer Survivor

Just after her Sophomore year in college, Jenna was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, and took a year off of school to undergo treatment. She then spent the rest of her college time going back and forth between Utah and Oregon for check ups. This was a time when Jenna learned to move from surviving to living and how to embrace emotions and no longer fear happiness.

School Teacher

Jenna was a high school and middle school teacher for 6-7 years at both in-person and online schools. She primarily taught Math, but was also a science teacher one year. She has a lot of thoughts on supporting students and teachers. She was both a teacher and department lead at different points of time.

Single Mother

Jenna is a single mother with a teenage son. Dating in your late 30’s is a thing. Balancing co-parenting is a deal. I was married for 12 years to a man who was emotionally and sometimes physically abusive. It is a journey into understanding myself to see what drew me to that relationship and how to heal my relationship with myself to never enter into that situation again.


Jenna is a gamer mom. She plays videogames on her own and with her son. There are benefits to doing this that many parents are missing. It is important to have boundaries in place, but videogames should not be hated or feared.

Technology for the Tech Challenged

One of Jenna’s Favorite jobs ever was teaching basic technology courses at the local community center. She taught basic computer use (when to left-click, when to right-click and why), “which device do I need?” (breaking down laptop vs. desktop, Mac vs. Windows, Android vs. Iphone, TV Steaming boxes, video game consoles, and more), how to use your tablet in general and to get free books from the library, and more! She takes the approach of being a “technology translator,” and explaining tech systems using everyday life situations, like cleaning a kitchen, mailing a letter or a filing cabinet.


Jenna has a bachelor’s degree in Zoology, because she was originally going to be a zookeeper

Jenna later got a master’s degree in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics

10 Questions You Might Want to Ask Me

  • How is it that many learning disabilities and mental disorders get missed when people are younger and don’t get diagnosed until adulthood?
  • What are some tips to stay safe, while shopping online? How can online shopping help the elderly better take care of themselves longer?
  • What is having ADHD like and what are some if its superpowers?
  • Why do you believe we have a teacher shortage?
  • What are the best ways people can support good teachers?
  • What was it like returning to real life after going through cancer treatments?
  • Do you still have issues from your cancer?
  • What are your favorite videogames to play with your son?
  • How does being a gamer help you as a mother?
  • What are your top tips for single parents?

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